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B-TECH Services


B-TECH offers hardware, installation, sales and service for fire and intrusion products.  Devices such as door contacts, window sensors, motion detection, asset sensors, water leak detection, water main shutoffs, carbon monoxide detection, and smoke/heat detection encompass a suite that protects property, life, and assets for residential and commercial properties.


Commercial Fire Alarms protect buildings, people and assets through UL listed fire alarm systems.  B-TECH provides everything you need including layout and plan preparation, equipment selection, installation, acceptance testing, trouble-shooting, servicing, and sales. Our technicians are industry certified to ensure your system complies with applicable codes and standards.


Video surveillance monitoring systems grant peace of mind to the home or business owner.  With the ability to remote view through a personal computer or smart device, owners can observe activity on one or more cameras.  B-TECH consults customers on CCTV capabilities as well as provides hardware, installation, and service for CCTV systems.


Intercom systems provide efficient communication in residential and commercial buildings. B-TECH designs communication solutions that integrate with access control, life safety, and surveillance systems. We provide hardware, installation, integration , and service to ensure your system works for you.


Solutions for card access control include installation of hardware and software that control entry into a building or door.  Through an intuitive web interface, clients can manage access points for guests or employees.  Our systems allow the customer to run reports, set schedules to open/close or lock/unlock doors, and manage personnel permissions.


New technology is making automation solutions more capable and accessible.  B-TECH designs automation systems that save time and money for home and business owners.  By automating tasks such as locking doors, turning off lights, and changing thermostat settings, customers can enjoy a higher quality of life, better security, and energy savings.


Information systems are critical to many functions at home and at work. Modern homes and businesses have many integrated and interconnected systems. We provide design, sales, and support services for the entire suite of information system hardware/software including wired/wireless networks, client/server systems, and critical infrastructure monitoring.


We provide design, sales, installation, and service for indoor/outdoor lighting control systems. Our lighting control solutions focus on total integration with home theater, safety, security, surveillance, and energy management systems.  Our goal is to enable you to live and work more comfortably, securely and efficiency.